Brighten the Corner Where You Are


Recollective worked with Aberlour Youthpoint in Govan to document the work of the charity, its young people and its relationship with the African Arts Centre. We spent several months shadowing Aberlour’s youth workers and interviewing the young people about their experiences.

To quote Aberlour: ‘The Youthpoint service helps children and young people living in parts of the city with high levels of deprivation and crime. Our youth workers engage with hard-to-reach young people who are being missed by other services, by meeting them on their territory – the streets.’

Our research took us to the African Arts Centre itself where we observed Amu at work with the young people creating their art. We also watched the progress of the plastering and tiling project in the African Arts Centre kitchen. We spent time out and about: at Govan High Road, Govan High School, Elder Park, the Graving Docks and Aberlour’s clubs in Elderpark Community Centre.

The output of the project was Brighten the Corner Where you Are: photographs, a multimedia film, illustrations, a dialectogram and an essay which interwove verbatim interviews with creative non-fiction.

Chief Amu of Govan 

Newspaper and fold out Dialectogram