Fair Glasgow


In November 2016 Mitch Miller will be attending the Museums Association Conference at the SECC to discuss Fair Glasgow with delegates from all over Europe and the UK. Mitch has been working on this long-standing co-curation project with the artist ts beall and Glasgow museums since 2013.

Fair Glasgow brings together museum curators, support staff and assistants with Glasgow’s travelling showpeople to reinterpret collections, design new displays and hold an annual ‘live exhibit’ of a working fair at the Riverside Museum every Christmas.

Mitch’s role, as both a member of the community and an artist-facilitator, was to support the group through research, producing the event and researching new displays and museum interpretations. The annual Christmas event Behind the Scenes of the Fair regularly attracts over 7,000 people over the weekend and allows visitors to experience the fair from the showman’s perspective.

Mitch’s dialectogram A Showman’s Yard in the East End has been selected to form part of the permanent display on Showground life, culture and heritage at the Riverside. It will appear alongside other artefacts of Scottish Fairgrounds, films and oral histories created by the mixed team of Showpeople and museum curators. Displays co-curated by the team can also be seen in the corridors of the newly refurbished Kelvin Hall.

This year’s Christmas fair will be on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th December 2016. For more information on Fair Glasgow can be found at: https://fairglasgow.wordpress.com/